Friday, August 17, 2012

Make a Jelly Roll into a Yule Log

For Christmas I buy a Chocolate Jelly Roll (or you can make your own), and make it into a yummy Yule Log!  You can decorate it with white frosting and sprinkle with cocoa powder or below is what you need to make it look like the picture above; a 2-toned bark looking log, with powdered sugar as the snow:

You'll Need:
  • 1 large jelly roll any flavor (a jelly roll is a rolled sheet cake with different flavored fillings such as chocolate ganache or fruit jelly; and it's not frosted on the outside)
  • 2 milk chocolate frosting cans
  • 1 dark chocolate frosting can
  • mini marshmallows
  • Hershey's chocolate kisses, unwrapped.
  • toothpicks
  • powdered sugar
To Decorate:
  1. Take large jelly roll and cut at an angle, 1/3 of the end of the roll. Place larger piece onto serving platter. Take the small 1/3 piece and with frosting, stick the angled-cut end to the side of the larger jelly roll piece; this is the stump. Stick it to the middle side or upper/lower side of the cake, either way you decide what looks the best.
  2. With a spatula or butter knife, decorate all the jelly roll sides and ends with the milk chocolate, then take the dark chocolate and put a few 2-inch width stripes on the top and sides but not the ends of the 'log' and 'stump'. 
  3. Using a fork, rake lines of 'bark' grooves along the log and stump. To make 'bark knots' trace the fork in an 'eye' shape along the milk and dark chocolate areas. For the ends of the log and stump, place the fork in the center and make a circle bulls-eye design in the frosting.
  4. Make the mushrooms by sticking a mini marshmallow onto a toothpick. Push the tooth pick all the way through the marshmallow so the pointed end is exposed to stick into the chocolate kiss. Stick the bottom of the unwrapped chocolate kiss on top of the skewered marshmallow. Use the exposed end of the toothpick to insert 'mushrooms' into cake. Make a grouping of 'mushrooms' in one area like 3 on the log and 2 in the stump; again use your own judgement of what looks good to you.
  5. Last, use a powdered sugar dispenser or place desired amount of powdered sugar in a sifting screen and sprinkle the sweet 'falling snow' over the top of your Yule Log! 
  6. To serve; slice horizontally and eat with ice cream or on its own.       
                                       Merry Christmas!!    

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