Thursday, August 2, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Lighted Topiaries

Instructions below are for one 3-tier topiary like the one above, pictured on the left.
I stack, skewer and display my 3 pumpkins whole and un-carved from the 1st of October until the 30th. Then on Halloween day I follow the instructions below and place them out in time for Halloween night.

Pumpkin Lighted Topiaries

You'll Need: 
  1. Large pedestal urn (place a large lid from a storage bucket in urn top so large pumpkin sits flat and even in urn). Or large planter pot (fill planter pot with dirt or place a smaller size planter pot upside down inside larger pot to prop pumpkin tier on; fill in gap with dried moss around bottom pumpkin.
  2. 3 pumpkins; large, medium and small.
  3. Carving knife and large spoon or other tool for cleaning out pumpkins.
  4. Black permanent marker.
  5. Carving tool or large phillips screw driver for making small, round "star" holes for light to shine through.
  6. Battery operated pumpkin lights; 1 if its a large light, 2 or three if smaller lights, or use a small bunch of soft white or bright white Christmas lights.
  7. Extension cord (if using Christmas lights)
  8. Long metal skewer and hammer.
  • Remove stem from large pumpkin; carve out an opening at the top (discard top carving remnant). Clean out the inside of large pumpkin.
  • Carve out an opening at the top and bottom of medium pumpkin (discard remnants). Clean out the inside of medium pumpkin.
  • Leave stem on small pumpkin; carve out opening on the bottom (discard remnant) and clean out the inside.
  • Place medium pumpkin on top of large. Draw and fill in with a black marker, a tree that starts at the large pumpkin and extends up to the middle pumpkin.
  • Take medium pumpkin off of large pumpkin; poke or carve holes in both medium and large pumpkins (for the "stars") all around tree drawing. 
  • If using Christmas lights; carve out hole near bottom of large pumpkin's rear facing side, large enough for Christmas light plug to fit through. Put Christmas lights in large pumpkin and pull plug through carved out hole. Place large pumpkin with tree drawing facing forward onto urn or planter pot. Attach Christmas light's plug into extension cord. Plug extension cord into outdoor, electrical outlet.
  • If using battery operated pumpkin lights, turn them on and place inside large pumpkin; place large pumpkin with tree drawing facing forward onto urn or planter pot.
  • Place medium pumpkin on top of large pumpkin, lining up the tree drawing.
  • Place small pumpkin with crescent moon facing forward on top of medium pumpkin.
  • Secure with metal skewer by tapping the top of skewer with hammer, down the back of all three pumpkins.       

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